AED Program Management and Physician Oversight

AED Program Management and Physician Oversight are legal requirements in most states throughout the Nation.  Federal Law also requires that publicly placed AED’s be under the management of a Physician. These laws typically require state/local EMS agency notification, documented AED maintenance checks, emergency policies, training certifications, and post Sudden Cardiac Arrest Physician review.

AED saint Program Management handles all of these legal components so you don’t have to. We also keep track of all of your supplies, letting you know when new supplies are needed, so you can have confidence that your AED is ready when an emergency strikes.

Required Physician Oversight and Registration

  • Medical Oversight and Direction
  • Physician Prescription for each AED, renewed annually
  • State/Local AED Registration as required

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Choosing an AED

With the wide variety of models and options, it’s no wonder choosing the right AED can be overwhelming. AED saint is here to help with phone and email support available to answer your questions and assist in choosing the right AED. 

Ease of Use

Easy to use AEDs are best suited for municipal buildings, businesses, schools, churches, airports or sporting events which makes them usable by most people with very little training. Clinical situations typically require more advanced features that include multiparameter monitoring and defibrillation capabilities.


Some AEDs are fully automatic, while others require the operator to be more involved.

Cost of Ownership

All AEDs are required by law to have their batteries, pads, and other consumables replaced so the AED can operate safely and effectively. Replacement costs depend on the AED brand and model. AED saint has a full line of AED accessories to keep your AED in top working shape.

AEDsaint is committed to helping your business, home, school, sports team, place of worship and community find the right AED.  

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