Saint Solution™ AED Program Management

Saint Solution™ AED Program Management

What is Program Management? 

Saint Solution™ AED Program Management can help you fulfill the requirements that must be in place in order to purchase and use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

Federal and State laws vary, but typically include Physician oversight of your AED program, Prescriptions for each device, Site protocols, CPR/AED trained responders, and monthly readiness checks. Local municipalities also may require AED registration with your Emergency Medical Services department, as well as post event reporting. All of these requirements are put in place to ensure that your AED is functional and ready when an emergency strikes.

Saint Solution AED Program Management and Physician Oversight are legal requirements in most states throughout the Nation.  Federal Law also requires that publicly placed AED’s be under the management of a Physician. These laws typically require state/local EMS agency notification, documented AED maintenance checks, emergency policies, training certifications, and post Sudden Cardiac Arrest Physician review.

Saint Solution™ AED saint Program Management handles all of these legal components so you don’t have to. We also keep track of all of your supplies, letting you know when new supplies are needed, so you can have confidence that your AED is ready when an emergency strikes. 

To get started, contact us for a customized program management quote. 

Programs that fit your exact needs. 


Will you be ready when the next medical emergency strikes? AED saint can get you prepared with a wide range of program management services that are tailored to meets your exact needs. Multi-year discounts are available, and bundled services include FREE replacement of batteries and pads. 

Required Physician Oversight and Registration

  • Medical Oversight and Direction
  • Physician Prescription for each AED, renewed annually
  • State/Local AED Registration as required


Customized AED Total Solution WEB Portal

  • AED tracking- Site Location, Serial Number, Battery/Electrode Tracking
  • Documented inspection histories
  • CPR/AED certification tracking
  • Mobile App for Android & iOS


Automated Email Notification and Alerts

  • 60, 30 day Battery and/or Electrode Expiration notifications
  • 60, 30 day Training Certification Expiration Notification
  • Monthly Inspection email Reminders
  • Immediate notification alerts for failed AED inspections


Post Event Services Included

  • Loaner AED immediately sent with postage paid return box for deployed AED
  • AED data download, Physician review, and required Post Event reporting
  • AED inspected, re-stocked, cleaned and returned


On-Going Support

  • Assigned Personal Account Specialist
  • Access to premier network of professional CPR/AED/First Aid Instruction
  • Assistance with AED protocol/configuration updates
  • On-going Liability and Safety consultation


Stock Up and Bundle for Savings!

  • Multi-Year Discounts Are Available
  • Bundled Service Includes FREE Replacement of Batteries and Pads

Please contact us for a customized program management quote. 

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Saint Solution™ AED Program Management