Training Kit, Manikin CPR Promp (7/pk) by Nasco

Training Kit, Manikin CPR Promp (7/pk) by Nasco


CPR Prompt TPAK 700 7-Pack CPR Manikins LF06700U by Nasco

These CPR manikins make it affordable to provide every student with a manikin for training in CPR, AED use, and the Heimlich maneuver. The manikin’s unique design is not only durable enough to withstand the equivalent of 10,000 student usages, but its tough, yet soft foam-based construction makes the manikin extremely lightweight and portable. 

Provides student feedback and other important features:
• Head tilt/chin lift required to open airway
• Proper anatomical landmarks
• Audible compression “clicker” to ensure proper technique
• Visible chest rise
• Infant CPR manikins feature a removable chest plate

Treated with Duracoat™, the CPR manikins have a realistic skin-like finish that is tough enough to withstand the repeated use of AED trainer pads. Even cleaning and set-up time is a snap with the unique single-use face shield lung bags. Package of seven manikins includes: 5 CPR Prompt adult/child CPR manikins, 2 CPR Prompt infant CPR manikins, 50 adult/child face-shield lung bags, and 20 infant face-shield lung bags. Three-year warranty.